Dr Anna Hutchinson, B.A. (Hons), MSc, D.Clin.Psych, C.Psychol, AFBPsS

Dr Anna Hutchinson is a chartered Clinical Psychologist and co-director of the IPC. Anna has worked within Clinical Psychology services for over 15 years and has been actively contributing to London’s clinical psychology community throughout this time. Anna has contributed to a number of research projects, academic papers and book chapters. She has presented widely at national and international conferences, and has taught on a large number of training courses including both MSc and doctorate level programmes.

Anna spent five years working as an associate clinical tutor on the UCL clinical doctorate course, helping educate and assess clinical psychologists in training. Anna has an MSc in cognitive neuropsychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology, and has completed post doctorate training in both systemic therapies and CBT.

Clinically, Anna has held senior positions at a number of internationally renowned London hospitals, including Great Ormond Street Hospital, Kings College Hospital, and The Tavistock Centre. She works with adults, adolescents, families and couples.

Areas of Expertise

CFSME, Chronic Pain, Hypermobility, IBS, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, HIV, PoTS, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, OCD, Self-Esteem, Identity, Gender, Sexuality, Loss, Relationship difficulties, Behaviour Management, Parenting & Family interventions.

Emotional and Mental Health

Anna has wide experience of working with people managing a range of challenges to their mental health, such as anxiety, stress and/or depression. She has experience of providing evidence based interventions to help people better understand their problems and develop new ways to manage or alleviate them. Anna is also experienced with issues relating to identity and self-esteem, including issues relating to sexuality or gender, or how a person has responded to difficult life events.

Physical Health

Anna has previously provided psychological input within CFSME, HIV, Gender, Rheumatology, and Oncology health services. Anna has a great deal of experience of working with people experiencing the double challenge of physical and psychological difficulties that occur at the same time. She frequently sees people with issues relating to fatigue, pain, and hypermobility. She can provide therapeutic interventions to help with symptom alleviation, sleep management, rehabilitation planning, or adjustment to a diagnosis or disability.

Young People & Education

Anna has experience of providing whole school training and interventions relating to mental and physical health in young people. Clinically she is very experienced in providing interventions to help when physical and/or emotional problems start to impact on a young person’s ability to achieve at or attend school. These interventions might include individual therapy, school liaison, and school reintegration programmes.

Whatever brings you to psychology Anna aims to develop professional and respectful relationships with each of her clients through which she aims to deliver compassionate and pragmatic help. Anna is a member of the British Psychological Society, the Division of Clinical Psychology and is a Chartered Psychologist with the Health Professionals Council.