Dr Katherine Carraretto, B.Sc (Hons), Psych.D, Dip CT (Oxon), C.Psychol

Dr Katherine Carraretto has over 15 years of experience within the NHS, working as a principal and consultant clinical psychologist and as clinical lead of psychology services for people with chronic pain. She specialises in working with people of all ages with physical health problems, predominantly chronic pain, fibromyalgia and fatigue, working with the inter-relationships between mind and body and enabling people to minimise the impact of their health condition on areas of life that matter most to them. She has extensive experience of leading, developing and evaluating services for people with pain, and advising both commissioners and multi-professional teams on the use and integration of psychological principles in service provision. 

She has also been a clinical tutor for clinical psychology doctoral training courses at the University of Surrey and Salomons Institute of Applied Psychology, with particular responsibility for specialist health psychology modules as well as leadership development for trainees. She has taught on other professional training courses, including those for physiotherapy and medical students and has extensive experience in training, supervising and offering consultancy to healthcare professionals in order to improve health outcomes. She has presented at a number of multi-professional conferences and is a member of the British Pain Society.

Katherine is currently a member of the clinical advisory and co-design teams for a large-scale innovative research project focusing on strategies to help embed evidence-based psychological principles in health and social care interactions. She has specialist skills in cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment training (ACT), mindfulness and coaching. 

Areas of Expertise

Chronic pain and chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, management of long-term health conditions such as IBS, diabetes, heart conditions; depression; anxiety; bereavement and loss; managing health conditions within the workplace; workplace stress; anxiety, depression (training and supervising health care teams in psychological principles).

Positions Held

In addition to her private practice, Katherine is a member of the advisory and co-design group for an organisation hosting a research project aiming to improve healthcare interactions and support for people with long-term health conditions. She also advises NHS Trusts on the development of integrated multi-disciplinary services for people with chronic pain and fatigue.

Physical Health

Katherine has worked as a senior clinical psychologist in a number of services for people with long-term pain and fatigue including INPUT at St Thomas’ hospital, London, and other award-winning primary care and acute hospital based pain management programmes. She has also worked as a clinical psychologist as within a diverse range of hospital departments including, for example, gynaecology and pelvic pain, diabetes, cancer services and obesity services. She works with a broad range of issues that can arise as a result of living with a long-term condition, including for example, difficulties with sleep, confidence, relationships and ability to work or engage in leisure activities. Katherine aims to help individuals live a rich, meaningful life in the context of their physical health conditions.

Emotional & Mental Health

Katherine has wide experience of working with a range of emotional difficulties including depression, anxiety, low-self-esteem, trauma, loss and grief, and draws from a number of different therapeutic approaches to tailor treatment to each individual’s needs and preferences. She has training in CBT, ACT, compassion-focussed approaches, mindfulness and coaching. She also draws from broader psychological theories, such as those relating to human learning and groups. She develops compassionate and collaborative relationships as a framework to her work.