Pre and post-natal wellbeing

At IPC we offer support to parents in all stages of their parenting journey, from the moment an individual begins to contemplate parenthood. We believe that supporting parents at the earliest stages allows for a positive and empowering experience of parenthood and this translates to the child.

We are experienced in offering bespoke interventions and support for individuals who are:
– Contemplating pregnancy and experiencing anxiety and ambivalence (which may be related to previous traumas or experiences).
– Struggling to conceive or considering alternative avenues to family building
– Receiving fertility treatment, including IVF
– Miscarriage and baby loss
– Fetal health complications, navigating investigations and decision making.
– Maternal health difficulties
– Anxiety related to pregnancy
– Tokophobia (Phobia of childbirth).
– Post-natal low mood & depression
– Post-natal anxiety
– Parent-infant attachment
– Adjustment to parenting
– Relationship challenges

Trauma and Birth trauma

For some parents, childbirth does not follow the route the they had hoped for. Occasionally, complications can arise during childbirth and this can sometimes be a frightening experience. Sadly, 30% of couples describe their birth as traumatic. A significant group will go on to develop symptoms of PTSD and some will reach threshold for diagnosis. Untreated trauma can lead to ongoing anxiety, challenges connecting with baby or partner, post-natal depression and ongoing distress in subsequent pregnancies. We offer tailored, trauma-informed therapy to women or their partners, including EMDR.

Trauma responses are not limited to challenging births. Other events such as miscarriage and baby loss, premature births, long journeys with infertility and NICU stays can also lead to post-trauma reactions. Our experienced psychologists are able to support you with any aspect of your parenting journey that you may have found traumatic.
– Birth reflections and debriefs
– Trauma and PTSD- including EMDR
– Birth complications or hospital stays